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This is a very extensive page on the most famous puzzle in the world. Coverage includes cube terminology, beginner solution, speedcubing solution, comparison of different speedcubing techniques, and tips for getting faster. I hope you will enjoy browsing these pages!

Check out Google's Rubik's Cube doodle at! You can also solve the virtual cube there.



Video 1: Solving the Rubiks Cube behind my back

Here is a video of me solving the cube behind my back in 3 min 30 seconds (time including memorization). Memorization took 60 seconds. (March 2006)

1) My friend scrambles the cube
2) Memorization takes place (60 seconds - Not filmed since the Canon camera has a video time limit of 3 min)
3) Solving behind my back (2 min 30 seconds)
4) Done

Video 2: Blindfold Solving Video

Here is a video of me solving the cube blindfolded in 2 minutes 37 seconds (time including memorization). Memorization took 52 seconds. The solving phase is still too slow, since the cube is not lubricated. I can now consistently achieve this time. (Dec 11, 2005)

1) I scramble the cube on spot
2) Memorization takes place (52 seconds)
3) Donning the blindfold
4) Solving while blindfolded
5) Done

2) Personal Narrative
How I came about solving the cube

3) Terminology and notations
You should read this first!!!! It is very important to familiarize yourself with some basic concepts and the notation (turn-symbols) commonly used...

4) Beginner Solution
Easy to understand for newbies to the cube...


Some personal Records....

1) Speedsolve records:
i) Fastest time to solve the cube (skipping 2 steps): 7 seconds
ii) Fastest time to solve the cube (non-lucky): 11 seconds
iii) Fastest average of 10 cubes: 22.9 seconds (This was quite a while ago)
iv) Best time for solve the cube one-handed: 1 min 45 seconds (Set Dec 29,2005)
The scramble for the one-handed solve is: B2 F' U' L' F' U D2 L2 F2 B2 U B2 U F' D2 R' B U B L2 D' L2 U' L F'

2) Blindfold records
i) Fastest time to solve a cube blindfolded (including time for memorization): 2 minutes 06.78 seconds (46 seconds memorization, achieved Dec 27, 2005 at 3:05AM EST)
ii) Fastest time to solve a cube behind my back (including time for memorization): 3 minutes 26 seconds
Fastest time to solve 2 cubes blindfolded (including time for memorization): 9 minutes 59.28 seconds (Set Fri Dec 30 03:06:13 EST 2005 )

The scrambles are:
1) U' F B' D' B U D F D' L' D U' B2 D' R D2 U' R2 B2 F U2 D R U2 L'
2) L2 F' D' R' L2 U2 L2 D U' F L2 R F' L' U' R' F' R F U D2 R2 F2 R U
Both solves are non-lucky (according to the official standards) with parity errors.

iv) Fastest time to memorize a cube that is randomly scrambled: 45 seconds
v) Fastest time to solve a 4X4X4 cube (Rubik's Revenge) blindfolded, including time for memorization: 28 minutes 41.19 seconds (Achieved Jan 1, 2006)

I am averaging around 2 minutes 35 seconds to blindfold solve a cube, timing starts when I first look at the cube and ends when I complete the solve. During the solving process, I do not look at the cube.

6) The Fridrich Method
I am now using this method. This is a speedsolve solution. One drawback is that there are plenty of algorithms to learn. Here is a gist of the method:

1) Cross on the bottom layer (Avg: 7 moves)
2) Put in 4 corner-edge pairs simultaneously. (Avg: 28 moves)
3) Orient Last Layer (Avg: 9 moves)
4) Permute Last Layer (Avg: 12 moves)

7) Overview of some available speedcubing methods

Click for descriptions of available speedcubing methods
8) Speedcubing tips
Click here for some tips on getting faster.

A non-sighted Rubik solve comic strip from OMQ comics:

OMQ rubik cube comic

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