Solving the bottom layer

Turn your cube over such that the cross you just formed is on the base plane.

I will call the part highlighted in dark-red in the following diagram the FR-slot:

Now you have to search for the corner corresponding to the FR slot.

The corner that corresponds to the FR slot has the color of

1) The right face
2) The front face
3) The bottom face

like in the following picture.....(although it may not be twisted the same way....):

If lets say the corresponding corner you want is stuck in some other slot as in the following diagram:

then you should excute the algorithm R U R' to displace it out onto the top layer. Then you can adjust the top layer such that the corresponding corner is right above the corresponding slot.

Once you got the corresponding corner above the corresponding slot, here are 3 algorithms to help you settle that corner. Just repeat this 4 times for all 4 slots and you should have the first layer done.

3 algorithms you need to complete the first layer

First layer algorithms
Situation Algorithm
U R U' R'
R U R'

After you are done with that your cube should correspond to something like this (or else you probably messed sth up):