Forming the cross

Since you clicked the link into this page, you presumably:

1) Desire to solve your cube
2) Have no idea how to solve it
3) You just wandered in (in that case have a glance around)

In this tutorial I am trying to be as detailed as possible. Where my explanation is inadequate, I will refer you to other relevant sites. Hope this is of some help.

When we solve the cross, we have to make sure that the colour of the edge line up with the top face and the corresponding adjacent center piece.


This is wrong.

This is correct.

These are all the cases you can encounter. Repeat 4 times to get the edges into position.

Some algorithms for placing the cross...

Cross algorithms
Situation Algorithm
D R F' R'
You dun need to do anything here

FOOTNOTE: If u see an edge in the wrong place, just turn the corresponding face 180 degrees to move the wrong edge onto the bottom layer, and then use the algs given above to place it correctly.

After you are done, your cube should look like this: