Tips for speedcubing

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Here are some pointers that I am trying to implement when I cube using the Fridrich method:

1) Lubricate the cube: I use lubricating oil for my cube, and it works pretty well. But others recommend sillicone lubricant.

2) Minimal cube rotations: Don't rotate the cube when you don't have to, especially during the F2L. Cube rotations during the last stage (the PLL) is OK since when you complete the sequence the cube is solved and it doesn't matter how you are holding it. Cube rotations during F2L is just a waste of time since you lose track of what you are doing easily. Only do cube rotations during the F2L when you need to transform moves like FUF' into RUR'.

3) Learn how to trigger: This is very important if you desire fast times. Triggering involves pushing and pulling the layers of the cube with the tips of your fingers. I usually use my thumb, index finger and middle finger for triggers and use the other two to grip the cube in position. Triggers can get you maximum speed with minimal effort.

4) Customize the algorithms to suit your hands: Add cube rotations when neccesary. This tip applies only to the LL algorithms. For F2L AVOID doing cube rotations (see tip #2).

5) Cube types: Cubes with springs are just about the same as cubes without springs. My best average with a cube that has springs in its axle is 22.9 s and my best average with a cube without springs is 23.6 s. However, cube with springs can be useful when you are nervous because the spring pulls the layers back into place and thus forgives misalignments which can occur when your fingers twitch.

6) Learn to use working corners/edges: It saves some moves.

7) Looking ahead during F2L: Find the next pair while you are putting in the current pair. This reduces delays between consecutive pairs.

8) Planning the cross: People suggest starting from the same face all the time but I prefer to choose an easier face to start with. Use triggers to place the cross.

9) Keep you cross at the bottom/side: If you trigger with both hands, keep your cross on the bottom. If you trigger with your right hand only, keep the cross on your left palm. If you trigger with your left hand, keep the cross on your right palm. Never keep the cross on top because it is hard to find the pieces you need and to perform triggers.

10) Stickers: The stickers on your cube may wear off easily. One good way to circumvent this problem is to paint the edges of the stickers with nail polish. This ensures that the thin vinyl layer on top of the sticker does not come off easily. You can also make your own stickers using vinyl tape.